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We’re passionate about giving people with long-term conditions peace of mind. And so is our partner, MedicAlert. Their medical ID jewellery and 24/7 emergency helpline allow you to enjoy the things you love without worrying about your health.

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How MedicAlert works

MedicAlert provides medical staff with vital information about your health in an emergency. Thanks to their worldwide 24/7 helpline that’s available in 100+ languages, you can get help wherever you are.

1. Wear your medical ID

Your vital health information, membership number and MedicAlert’s emergency helpline will be engraved on your bracelet or necklace.

2. Medical staff access your record

First responders can access your full medical record by calling the emergency line and quoting your membership number.

3. Receive the treatment you need

You get the right treatment for your medical conditions, without delay.

Why choose MedicAlert

MedicAlert's service is the most comprehensive medical ID service in the UK, protecting you when you need it most.

  • Low cost For just 10p a day, you get year-round peace of mind.
  • Nurse checks Registered Nurses ensure your record is clear, concise and complete.
  • Advocacy Nominate one or more loved ones to help manage your record.
  • Document storage Emergency care plans, implant information, advance directives and more are immediately available.
  • NHS recommended Recommended by the NHS whose first responders are trained to recognise the MedicAlert symbol.
  • Charity MedicAlert is not motivated by profit.