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Data Protection statement

As a proud member of the Pharmacy2U Group, we are committed to providing high-quality healthcare services to our customers and safeguarding the personal data entrusted to us. Our commitment to data protection spans over two decades, beginning with our adherence to the Data Protection Act of 1998. The advent of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) over five years ago marked a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to meet and exceed the highest standards of data protection compliance. In light of the UK's exit from the EU, we have also meticulously aligned our operations with the UK GDPR, ensuring that our data protection measures are robust and responsive to the evolving legal landscape, both within the UK and in relation to EU standards.

Following the UK's departure from the EU, we have further refined our data protection practices to align with the UK GDPR, ensuring our efforts remain strong and relevant in the post-Brexit context. This has included a comprehensive review of our third-party contracts to guarantee compliance with new legal requirements concerning data processing.

We have implemented rigorous technical and organisational measures to adhere to both GDPR and UK GDPR legislations. Our approach includes regular evaluations of our systems and applications, with immediate remedial action taken to safeguard personal data as needed. Our detailed data inventories, mandated by Article 30 of the GDPR and integral to our UK GDPR compliance, track the personal data we handle—its origins, sharing partners, and usage—forming the cornerstone of our data protection framework.

Our dedication to maintaining a culture of data protection awareness and compliance is unwavering. Through ongoing staff training and updates, we ensure a deep, shared understanding of data protection principles and practices across our organisation. We are transparent about our data protection practices and ready to demonstrate our accountability and compliance upon request. Our Data Protection policies and procedures are periodically reviewed and updated to stay in line with current regulations, including both the GDPR and UK GDPR.

For any questions regarding data protection or GDPR, please reach out to our Data Protection Officer at

For more information on our data protection practices, please visit our Privacy Notice. The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) remains a valuable resource for information on data protection and privacy rights in the UK. As the UK's independent regulatory office, the ICO is dedicated to upholding information rights in the public interest and enhancing data privacy for individuals. Visit to access the ICO website.