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We’re working to reduce our impact on the environment

Everything we do makes a mark on the world around us. But we’re working hard to minimise that, and be open about how. From using recyclable packaging to being a B Corp, here’s how we’re getting on.

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Planet-friendly packaging

As a delivery service, we can’t avoid packaging. But we can lessen its environmental footprint. 
Here’s how our packaging measures up.

Forest-friendly cardboard

For our boxes, we only use cardboard certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® . And they’re 100% recyclable.

Zero-waste paper tape

Our paper tape is fully recyclable. And our tape machines dispense the exact length for our boxes – so none is wasted.

Bye bye, bubble wrap

We now use 100% recycled paper filler instead of bubble wrap. It’s recyclable, and plastic-free.

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Sustainable packaging with 100% sheep wool by

Too cool to throw away

We use award-winning Woolcool® insulated packaging for fridge medicines. It’s recyclable and can be reused in endless ways.

Making the most of our waste

None of our waste goes directly to landfill. We recycle everything we can and make sure to put the rest to good use.

Cutting down on medicine waste

As a large pharmacy, reducing medicine waste has been high on our agenda. We can only dispense the exact amount of medicine prescribed by your GP. So if a pack contains 12 tablets but you’re prescribed 10, we have to remove 2 tablets before we send it to you. To avoid throwing away these 2 tablets, we keep track of what amounts GPs most commonly prescribe. We then proactively repack medicines into the most popular sizes to prevent waste. We currently do this for some medicines, but we’re looking into repacking even more in the future.

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Turning waste into energy

When we can’t avoid medicine waste, it gets turned into energy. In fact, all our non-recyclable waste helps create green electricity for the National Grid. We use Grundon’s Energy from Waste (EfW) program because it stops non-recyclable waste going to landfill, and helps reduce the use of fossil fuels.

our planet

Earth is our home. To protect it, we’re taking steps to lower our carbon footprint and support forest-planting projects. As a certified B Corp, we’re also committed to continuously improving how we treat the environment.

Part of the B Corp bunch

We’ve always strived to be a responsible business. So becoming a B Corp reassured us we’re on the right track. B Corp is a certification recognising companies that balance purpose with profit, and we’re very proud to be a member of this global community. But our job is far from done. Being a B Corp means treating the planet and people with respect in the long run.

Supporting climate action projects with the help of

Planting trees for parcels

Data from our packaging supplier shows that planting 1 tree for every 250 parcels we send would offset our cardboard use. So now that’s exactly what we’re doing. We’re funding forest-planting projects through an environmental organisation called Ecologi. We’ve already planted over 20,000 trees in Mozambique, Madagascar and Kenya, with plenty more to come.

Forever fuel

We’re conscious of our carbon footprint. That’s why our central pharmacy has been powered by renewable energy since October 2021. Renewable energy comes from sources such as the wind or the sun. Best of all, it causes dramatically lower carbon emissions than fossil fuels.

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