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LloydsDirect and the NHS

As a registered pharmacy, LloydsDirect is part of the NHS family. Just like the pharmacy on your local high street.

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Providing NHS services

As a registered pharmacy, we have a contract to provide NHS services. Our online pharmacy is connected to the NHS electronic prescription service (EPS), just like your local pharmacy.

Built and managed by the NHS, the EPS is a secure online connection between GP surgeries and pharmacies in England. When you order medicine through our app or website, we use the EPS to request and receive your prescription from your GP.

No extra cost to the NHS

We love the NHS as much as you do. And using LloydsDirect will never cost the NHS anything extra. Ever.

We also pay for all packaging and postage charges ourselves – so there are no extra costs to you, either.

Celebrating 75 years of the NHS

Our friends’ birthdays are special. Particularly when it’s our trusted partner, the NHS. To mark the occasion, we took part in ITN’s documentary 'Celebrating 75 years of our National Health Service’. Our patient Ella, Managing Director Connie, and Superintendent Pharmacist Declan spoke about how LloydsDirect works with the NHS to make repeat prescriptions hassle-free.

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