Introducing our new name: LloydsDirect, now part of Pharmacy2U

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We've changed our name to LloydsDirect

Alistair Murray, Chief Pharmacist

14 June 2021

Dear GP

In July, we changed our name from Echo to LloydsDirect.

Alongside free prescription delivery, we now offer patients the choice of collecting their medicine at one of over 1,000 LloydsPharmacy branches.

Today, we deliver the best of online and community pharmacy, direct to over half a million NHS patients. And we’re changing our name to reflect this.

What this means for your GP surgery

  • Apart from our name, nothing else is changing.
  • Our ODS code for sending electronic prescriptions is staying the same (FN849).
  • Our name will automatically change from Echo to LloydsDirect on the NHS system.
  • Patients who are currently nominated to Echo will be automatically nominated to LloydsDirect. So you won’t need to change anyone’s pharmacy nomination.

Please note: Echo is also the name of a community pharmacy in Gravesend. To avoid nominating patients to the wrong pharmacy, do not manually search for Echo after 5 July when looking for our online service.

We’re here to help

If you have any questions about our service or our name change, please email us at